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your scalp with
on new Serum X6

Now available! 28,50€

Suitable for men and women.

Our products to prevent hair loss

New Amino Acids for Hair Loss

  • Contributes to hair maintenance
  • Aids the process of cell division
  • Promotes normal hair pigmentation

Why use Densityplus?


Only natural ingredients, similar to finasteride but without side effects

Proven Effectiveness

Developed after analysing thousands of cases of alopecia, thinning hair and hair transplants

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Reviews of our Anti-Hair Loss products

A few weeks ago they had a promotion where they gave away the conditioner, my wife bought it and it leaves her hair well. You don't have to use it much or all the time, but it feels good and the peace of mind that it won't damage your hair, I wear it with confidence.
Alessandra BernardisAlessandra Bernardis
17:30 08 Mar 22
I bought the supplement, shampoo and conditioner (for my son) and I already see that the hair is not falling out even though we are still in the first month. Of course I will continue shopping for the full cure. I am satisfied. Alessandra
Remedios OlivaresRemedios Olivares
11:13 23 Dec 21
I do not know what these vitamins will have, which is to take them, and already notice a slowdown in hair loss. I was always afraid to wash my hair because every time I lost many ... I have been 15 days and I already notice it. Even my hairdresser noticed the difference ... and she has started taking them too :))) they feel very good and have no side effects, which was very important to me. Highly recommended indeed !!
Marrakchi JaafarMarrakchi Jaafar
21:04 20 Dec 21
Very good product for hair growth !
Simone FaraciSimone Faraci
13:03 02 Dec 21
I had the opportunity to test and try the Density Plus tablets on myself following the transplant for about a year. The results were evident: hair growth was uniform and rapid, the hair itself became stronger and thickened quickly. A small investment in one's health that I truly recommend to everyone, regardless of the operation or not, as it helps the hair to become stronger and thicker.

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