What components does it have?

You can find the full list of Densityplus components here. You can expand each ingredient and see an explanation for all of them.

Can women take it?

There is a specific Density Plus Woman for women.
Densityplus Man is not recommended in women of childbearing age, pregnant women, infants or in people of both sexes in prepubescent age.

Does Densityplus replace HairPower Biotin and HairPower Complex?

Densityplus brings together the components of HairPowerBiotin (Biotin), HairPower Complex and contains/includes a natural alternative to the drug Finasteride (Saw Palmetto).

Its list of components is very extensive, therefore the size of the Densityplus capsule is larger than that of a conventional capsule.

Can I use it simultaneously with Finasteride?

It can be used simultaneously with Densityplus because it is fully compatible and complementary. The dose should be adjusted: 1 mg finasteride + 1 capsule (no 2) of Densityplus + 5 mg of biotin per day.

Does it have any side effects? What are they?

Talk to your doctor before taking this product if you are already taking or taking blood thinners or antiplatelet agents.

Where is it produced?

Densityplus is produced in Spain. The manufacturer’s laboratory has a management system certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP by SGS ICS

How many pills a day do I have to take?

2 capsules per day accompanied by half a glass of water. You can also use fruit juice or infusion.

Should I take extra Biotin 5 mcg (0,005mg)?

Biotin is a highly recommended nutrient for hair care due to its many benefits. A daily dose of 10mcg (0,01mg) is recommended.
The Density Plus vitamin complex contains Biotin (in an amount of almost 5 mcg) so if you take two Density Plus capsules a day (recommended dose) it will not be necessary to supplement this dose with extra Biotin as you will be taking the established dose.
However, if you take a single capsule of Density Plus a day then it is advisable to take extra Biotin (a pill of 5 mcg more) to reach the indicated dose.

What happens if I forget?

Do not take a double dose to make up for forgotten doses. If you’ve forgotten to take a dose, take another dose as soon as possible and continue with your usual schedule. If the next dose time is very close, skip the dose you forgot and take the next dose at your usual time.

What are the accepted payment methods?

  1. Bank transfer: Once the order is placed, you will receive an email with the summary and bank details to make the transfer.
  2. Paypal: Once the order is placed, you can choose the payment method with Paypal to complete the operation, by selecting it the PayPal page will open where you can insert your credentials to access your account.
  3. Card: Once the order has been placed, you can choose the method of payment by credit or debit card, by selecting it a page will open where you can insert your card details (card number, expiration date and code of security). Once these data have been entered, your bank will send you a text message with a code that you will use to complete the operation and confirm the payment.


Are shipments made to the Canary Islands?

We ship to the Canary Islands and delivery times are around 3/4 days from receipt of payment. Shipments to the Canary Islands are exempt from VAT.

Why is the price without VAT?

We are a Canarian company and we are exempt from paying this tax, hence the prices that appear on the web are without VAT and on some occasions we can create product promotions without applying this tax.

* In case of having to apply VAT, it will only be made to shipments corresponding to the mainland and you will be able to see the itemized price at the end of the order.

What is the transport company?

Our delivery company is CORREOS. You can check all the information you want on its website.

How many days will the order take to arrive?

Once the payment arrives, we need 48 hours to prepare the order. Once prepared, from 5 to 7 working days will arrive at the address that you have provided if you are in peninsular territory or on the islands.

In case of being sent to Italy or Spain it takes 2/3 days and 4/5 days for shipments to the rest of Europe and other destinations. (In any case, delivery times are estimated as they may vary).

IMPORTANT: In some cases, the delivery agency cannot make the delivery (due to lack of information in the address or absent recipient).
In order to organize a second delivery attempt they will call you to the number you provided us to set a new delivery date and time.
It is very important that you answer their calls or the package will be returned to our facilities.
From DensityPlus we are not responsible for the shipping costs derived from this return.

Where is my package? why my order/package takes too long to arrive?

From buying till reception of your order it goes two different ways:

  1. Reception Time: We need 48 hours to proceed and prepare your purchased items
  2. Shipping Time: Once it is prepared, it takes 5 or 7 labour days to arrive at the address you have selected. This time limit can change due to your location.


The customs process can make this wait longer. Also this time limit could be modified by mail Service.

In any case you could check the status and track your packages with a tracking number that we provide to all our customers.

Must I have to pay parcels or any import tax?

Sometimes the orders are checked by a strict custom inspection. This is completely random. DensityPlus don’t have any kind of control about this inspections and taxes, due to this situation we can’t give to our clients any estimation cost because customs policies and import duties change a lot.

According to our policy, the customers must pay these charges, we recommend talking to your local custom office or your Mailing service to get your package.

If you need any help with your billing to get your package, contact our customer service at (info@densityplus.com)


If you don’t get any answer from our Customer Service in the period of 24 hours in labour days or 48 hours to weekends, take a look at your Spam Folder in your contact email. Sometimes the server filters our emails by error and puts it into the SPAM folder.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the Covid-19, there could be a delay in the delivery of packages. Please bear with us.

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