January 17

How to add reviews


Here you can find explained the process of how to add your review to a product on our website. (Remember that you can only add your review to products that you have purchased with your account)

1. Access your account

my account

2. Log into your account

If you can’t remember your password you can set a new one by following the link “Lost your password?“, you will receive an email in your inbox with the instructions on the next steps (if you’re not able to do it yourself, send us a message and we can send the email manually)

lost password

3. Visit the product you want to review

add review my account

4. Add your review

crear valoracion mi cuenta density plus


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Attention! VAT in e-commerce

As of 1 July, a new European regulation came into force that will affect your online purchases. Do you want to know what it consists of?