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Density Plus Woman – 3 Months Pack


Density Plus Woman – Pack 3 months: vitamin complex for women’s hair

Age, stress and daily routine can affect the health of your hair. Thanks to this vitamin complex for women’s hair, you can prevent hair loss and recover your usual density. Not only will you be strengthening your hair, but you will also recover all the shine and color you had.

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Density Plus Woman is the best vitamin complex for women’s hair thanks to its components of natural origin, avoiding artificial supplements that can damage your health in the long run. It contains Zinc, Biotin, Selenium, Copper and Saw Palmetto, with a composition specially designed for the female body, differing from the amounts usually used by men, since hair regeneration is completely different. This box of vitamins is designed for a three-month use, achieving in this period that DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), the main hormone that causes alopecia, is not formed. Show off a beautiful and strong hair thanks to our hair supplement

It blocks the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) thus inhibiting the Type I and Type II isoforms of 5-alpha-reductase.


Main ingredients Densityplus woman:


Collagen for hair is the key to healthy, strong, shiny and thick hair growth.

  1. Collagen helps to counteract the process of hair loss by providing the right nutrients to the root cells.
  2. It keeps hair strong and resistant thanks to its composition of essential amino acids.
  3. It helps to a faster hair growth.


balances hormone levels, acting as an alpha-5-reductase blocker and improves blood circulation. Several studies confirm that the intake of saw palmetto extract can improve hair growth in 60% of cases and density in more than + 35%, therefore, it can be said that Saw Palmetto works.

3) INOSITOL (Vitamin B) – 200MG
Inositol is a cell membrane stabilizer, keeping the follicle cells in good condition and stimulating the growth of healthy and strong hair.

4) L-Cystine 100mg

5) L-Methionine 50mg

6) Ginko bilboa 20mg

7) Keratin 90mg

8) Q10 5mg

9) and much more…

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